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A lot of reasons, why to play volleyball in Ostrava! Here there are prepared for you many sports halls, all types of accommodation, cuisine of your choice, a rich cultural program plus a lot of uniqueness, which can be found only in Ostrava:


Town Hall

The highest town hall lookout tower in the Czech Republic
- By using an elevator you will get upwards and from the top of the tower you can see the city in which you are going to compete in volleyball matches and on the horizon are seen the Beskydy Mountains and Poland.
- The largest number of entertainment venues


Stodolní Street Phenomenon,

so one of the most famous streets in the city centre is called in slang of local and cross-country visitors, because in this street are about 60 entertainment clubs , which suffice for satisfying the needs of the night life. Each of won matches must be celebrated, so just go to Stodolní Street, the street “that never sleeps” where you certainly select an entertainment club that suits you. Also a lost match in the Stodolní Street looks completely different.


The largest mining museum

In the year 1993 was opened to public a remarkable mining museum, now the largest in the Czech Republic, including a collection of old mining equipment, mining lamps and other unique items.
Sometimes you need to peep into the past. Let go down to the shaft into the original hard coal seams and try the environment of the harsh working conditions of miners.


World geological rarity

In Mining Museum in Ostrava under the hill Landek there is a unique exposition, which proves that prehistoric mammoth hunters in this area used the coal for keeping the fire.
Instruct your family members through the information about the use of coal as a fuel at times 25 000 years ago.


The deepest coal mine

In the past in the mine Bezruč, coal was extracted in a depth up to 1,200 meters at high temperatures. Thus Ostrava city recorded another record – the deepest coal mine in the country.
Try to deepen your knowledge in coal mining.


The largest area of industrial relics

Nearly the surface of 300 ha is occupied by former Ostrava largest industrial area called Dolni Vitkovice. The blast furnaces, coke oven batteries and the mine that were put out of operation years ago were in 2002 declared a national cultural monument.

What to do with a leisure time? Let visit Dolni Vitkovice – a national culture monument.


The longest inlet of spa water

The premises of Klimkovice spa are supplied with healing water of Tertiary origin called detritus salt water (brine) via pipeline in the length of 11km.
After a sport performance you can restore your vitality and refresh your aching body in Klimkovice spa.


The most original room astronomical clock

The astronomical clock is 225 cm high and consists of 2500 components.
In order to come on time for a match, just set up your watch according to the astronomical clock!


The largest natural swimming pool - VRESINA

It is the largest in Central Europe and you will find it in Ostrava. In addition to a large water surface it also offers the possibility of further sports.
What to do when it’s really hot? Go for a swim.


The largest stray boulder

The stray boulders migrated to Ostrava for thousands years from the far north and the largest one has the volume of 6.5 m³.
Nowadays the travelling is very easy. So why not to aim your goals to Ostrava in 2014!