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Any playing rule not expressly modified herein, shall be governed by the rules and regulations of the International Federation of Volleyball – FIVB.
Before the match, the 1st referee carries out a toss to decide upon the first service and the sides of the court in the first set. The toss is taken in the presence of the two team captains. The winner of the toss chooses EITHER the right to serve or to receive the service OR the side of the court. The loser takes the remaining choice.
Teams will be entitled to a 6-10 minute warm up period together at the net. If either captain requests separate (consecutive) official warm-ups at the net, the teams are allowed 3-5 minutes each. The team that has the first service takes the first turn at the net.
There shall be an obligatory 3 minute rest between each set. Each team may request a maximum of two time-outs and six substitutions per set. All requested time-outs last for 30 seconds.


All the irregularities and infractions made in the tournament will be punished with the sanctions, suspension or ejection herein settled by the IVVA Disciplinary Board.
According to the rules herein the IVVA Disciplinary Board is the body empowered to study, evaluate and punish the irregularities and infringements committed since the beginning until the end of the IVVA tournaments in line with the standards of this Code:


the IVVA Regulations

  • the prove of the facts in each case
  • the interpretation of the IVVA Disciplinary Board in the way of the objective high critic.
  • The IVVA Disciplinary Board will consist of four (4) members
  • The IVVA President
  • first Member
  • second Member
  • substitute Member

The appointment of these members and their position will be made fifteen to thirty days prior to the tournament by The IVVA President
Each case for the IVVA Disciplinary Board will be resolved in First Instance by one of the Judges of the Board in the following order:

  • the President
  • in case of absence or impossibility, the First Member
  • in case of absence or impossibility of both of them, the Second Member
  • in case of absence or impossibility of all above, the substitute Member.

The IVVA Disciplinary Board will work since the first day of the tournament until two (2) hours after the last game of the championship or until it is decided by the Board

Each resolution will be dictated by the IVVA Disciplinary Board within four (4) hours from the fact or the end of the game and it will be notified immediately by its publication in the news billboard and in the website of the IVVA at www.ivva.eu.
The Board can call any people or parts to be interrogated, or can ask for any prove in order to make an objective resolution.


In the case of any infringement to the present Code, a report shall be submitted in the IVVA Organizing Committee office by the following individuals:

  • the referees of games and/or
  • the IVVA representatives.

The reports and disqualifications without report, will be daily sent by the Technical Coordinator to the IVVA Disciplinary Board for their treatment.
The reports shall be made by the referees in the score sheet with explanation of the facts in Czech or English.
The reports should be presented in the IVVA Organizing Committee office within two (2) hours from the fact or the end of the game.
In the case of suspension of a game by the referees, they shall explain in the report the extreme reasons causing their decision.


The claims related to infringements herein mentioned may be reported in writing by who is considered offended or harmed by the violated norm. Team’s delegates or captains are the only ones legitimized for reporting complaints related to the team.
The claim must be presented in writing and accompanied with the caution deposit payment of 50 EUR in order to take the claim into account. The caution deposit is non-returnable in any case.
The claims shall be presented within two (2) hours after the event or the end of the game at the IVVA Organizing Committee office written in Czech or English.
Once the IVVA Disciplinary Board receives a report, a claim or a complaint it will be designated one of the Judges in First Instance for processing and resulting. The notfulfillment of any requirements in time or form of a report, a claim or a complaint will void the plea.


Any player, coach or assistant, who is duly notified by the referees, or disqualified from a match, shall automatically accomplish the suspension for the next game of the playing schedule. This is in addition to any sanction applied by the IVVA Disciplinary Board.
Any aggression will be forwarded with the ejection from the tournament.
The suspension for being disqualified from a match, may be redeemed with the payment of a 50 EUR only once in the championship. The fine must be paid at the IVVA Organizing Committee office and the IVVA Disciplinary Board will verify there is not a referee report and this is the first sanction; In that case it will allow playing the suspended next game.
During the championship, the automatic sanctions, the Board decisions, the reports, claims and the complaints will be displayed on the news billboard at the Information Center and on the IVVA website. The notification will be automatic.


IVVA reserves the right to award teams placed at the 4th place with metallic medals.